【Let’s Play】Pairanormal #01 – The Newest Member of the Paranormal Investigation Club


“For most people, High School is difficult to navigate. Imagine how challenging it must be when you can’t remember who you are. Luckily, Foster High’s Paranormal Investigation Club takes a keen interest in your case. Work together with six awesome, unique students as you uncover the mystery behind your past, and the strange happenings of your town. Maybe you won’t get closer to answers, but you might just get closer to friends you never knew you needed…

Pairanormal is the world’s most elevator-pitch-proof game: an interactive mystery visual novel/dating sim based on real life Youtube personalities.”

✧Hex Code Girls✧
We are Petra, Elise, KT, and Omi; four best friends here to bring you wicked entertainment!

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Credits: channel art, music, intro/outro videos by Petra

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