11,896 Pseudo-Grayscale Fractals w/Techno Music (Part 1/5)

Now you can buy my fractals as royalty-free files to use in your own products. I will be adding wall murals, vehicle wraps, house wrap, digital pattern services. I have set aside 22,000 of my 91,000 fractals for my patreon page. Simply pick the resolution that best suits your needs and automatically you will have access to all of the lower priced tiers of fractals (pictures, audio, videos). This is set up as a monthly subscriber model.


You can buy my fractal DVDs online at:








So, what is the big deal with ChromaDepth 3D glasses? They create a marvelous illusion of depth by pulling warm colors to the foreground (red, orange, yellow), leaving neutral color(s) in the middle ground (green. Black and White serve to accentuate things), while simultaneously pushing cool colors (blue, indigo, violet) into the background. Do you want to amp up the illusion of depth? Just stand a few feet or more away. The greater the distance the greater the illusion of stereoscopic 3D.

These 3D glasses also work with color compatible images, normal TV, normal movies (SD, DVD, HD, or better) on regular TV sets, monitors, projectors, etc. I believe American Paper Optics sells a variety of ChromaDepth 3D glasses.

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