Here is video of what may (or may not) be a Humanoid Creature of an alternate dimension and/or a Multiverse.Decide with integrity for yourselves.This recording is no trick.Our Scientific Community (and others) require testable proof of observational theories,which is understandable.In the case of this video,I cannot provide experimental proof—“That dog won’t hunt”!Notice early the Creature briefly smiling (displaying a prominent jaw expansion).Two additional Humanoid Creatures come into focus on his right side at about 5 seconds into the video.One is his height and the other (with darker skin),is below his chin-level.Sorry that the view appears sideways (an alternate dimension affect?).I make no particular claim as to who they are or where they reside,but to me video and photos are vital tools in our quest to solving the great cosmological mysteries.Both video and photos (once screened for authenticity)should be taken seriously since tangible proof of a Multiverse is incredibly out of our reach,or is at least something that may ultimatetly be realized many generations far into the future (if it ever would be possible).Let’s talk “Cosmic Inflation”.The challenge for proof of a Multiverse seems daunting with the theoretically steadily increase of the expansion of space (setting possible Universes farther apart).We now know that conventional space travel can’t get us to the stars so our heirs will discover ways to make it all happen. Well aw’shucks! Seems as if we do have spatial neighbors after all! The discovery of Exoplanets gives hope in finding beings that just may be part of a Multiverse.

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