Trying out various patches and sequencing options for the upcoming live gigs.

BD909, ONE (low perc), ONE (V Haus running through Z2040) -> Vermona VcDrive -> Toppobrillo Multifilter (HP) -> Tiptop Z2040 (LP)
Hats909, Hats808, Ma808, Tiptop ONE (Hat) -> Roland Demora
TG ONE -> R*S Variable Slope VCF (BP)
Piston Honda -> Forbidden Planet Prototype (LP) -> Make Noise LxD (Modulated by Z4000 #1) -> R*S Resonant EQ -> Z-DSP Mariana Trench (1) -> Roland Scooper Looper
FP modulated by Z4000 #2 (FM), Z4000 #3 (FM)
PH modulated by Z8000 (clocked by Trigger Riot, Zularic Repetitor, Knights Gallop) and Doepfer LFO
Send FX: Z-DSP (Halls Of Valhalla), Z-DSP (secret prototype)
Sequenced with Circadian Rhythms, Trigger Riot, A-157, Launch Codes, KeyStep

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