Camp Blood 666 (2016) Teaser – George Stover

Infamous Blackwood Forest is still haunted by the numerous deaths at the hands of a clown masked killer, but now, it’s haunted by something else! The vengeful spirit of the recently deceased Camp Blood killer is out for revenge from beyond the grave. A down and out Paranormal talk show host and his faithful assistants attempt to contact the killer, with deadly results! The Ghost of Camp Blood takes the series in a whole new terrifying direction. How can you kill something that’s already dead?
Steve Diasparra
Jamie Morgan
Mariah Joyce
Nicholas Olson
Christopher Beacom
Elissa Dowling
Music by GHOST
Associate Producer Matt Watts
Location Manager Nick Hattorf
Written by Alan Wyoming
Special Effects Al C. Koche
Produced by David Sterling
Edited and Directed by Mark Polonia

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