The deadliest threat to humanity… has just broken loose

A trio of quarantined scientists will be burnt alive unless they can expose and extract a deadly alien parasite that could be hiding inside anyone of them.

Containment was produced for the Horror Channel’s ShortCuts to Hell Competition in 2014. The film was shortlisted amongst 23 other 3min short horror films and is now part of the ShortCuts to Hell II anthology film.

Title: Containment
Entrant: Stewart Sparke (on behalf of Glass Cannon)
Director: Stewart Sparke
Writer: Paul Butler
Producers: Paul Butler & Stewart Sparke
Camera: Alx Birdsall
Sound: Paul Butler
Editor: Stewart Sparke
Sound Design/Composer: Dave S. Walker

Dan Smyth as Cole
Arron Dennis as Vince
Amy Telford as Ferne
Callum O’Connell as Warren

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