Discover Your Destiny: Why You Are Here Through Astrology Part 3

Why are you here? What is your soul’s purpose in this lifetime? Often times when a person returns from a death (NDE) they have a renewed understanding of their life purpose. But, the rest of us need not die to understand our destiny in this life. This is where astrology is used and has been used for eons. Astrology is an ancient tool and science for our use, which answers these questions and helps to safely guide us, our children, loved ones, and friends, through the vicissitudes of life.

Please join us to learn how astrology can tell you of your purpose via this moderated discussion panel of three professional astrologers.

Professional Astrologers:
Shirley Self,
Jill Pitts,
Marguerite Hafeman,
Pam Schaffer -moderator- c720-258-5229
See us at:
Paranormal Talks
Meets: second Sunday each month
Time: 1:30pm to 4:00pm
Location: St. Anthony Hospital
11600 W 2nd Place
Lakewood, Colorado 80228
On corner of 2nd Place & Healing Way
If questions: 720-203-6354

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