Educational Project: Displacement Trailer

For those who are following us on social media, you will know that our creative director has gone back to school to advance her skills in filmmaking and animation. She has recently finished her first module in design, this is her submission for her final assignment.

In their final assignment, they had to create a TV show, write a synopsis, identify a style, genre and themes, design style frames and then create a 15 second trailer. They needed to show their ability and use tools they have learnt over the last 10 weeks of course including After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop.

The Storyline for the TV series:
Genre – Period Drama (with paranormal aspects)
Era – 1840s New Zealand
Style – Dark and Gritty
Theme – triumph over adversity
At the age of 28, John is diagnosed with brain cancer. After battling against it for several months, he unfortunately dies. Or did he? He opens his eyes to find he is in 19th century New Zealand. John has the ability to travel in time and space but only in death. In 1840 New Zealand, the Treaty of Waitangi (TOW) was signed. Since then multiple violations against the TOW have been made by the British Gov.; the Maoris are in outrage. John finds himself learning, not only, how to live a life in a new time era and country but also within a new culture he has never heard off before. Not to mention, he still has cancer, not that he knows that yet. Who and what will he encounter? Will he live or die?

We are very excited to share this with all of you and hope that it inspires others to step out of their comfort zones and do things, like going back to school, that are scary but will ultimately better them.

Apprehensive at Best – Biz Baz Studio

All imagery within this trailer was either created, hand-drawn or free to use in the public domain.

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