\\Friends// – GLMV – Marshmellow Ft. Anne Marie {Cut-Audio And Clean}

I know it’s short but I really wanted something to post ;^; the end got cut off (the short part) because I’m lazy to finish it so yea that happened XD
Anyway I’m still working on the description but until then… I’m just gonna wrote down random things-

Original Song (In The Video With Cuss Words) : https://youtu.be/CY8E6N5Nzec

(The one I used) Clean Song : https://youtu.be/UsCPUZ12j_k

Social Medias

I have none… I used to have discord but now I can’t use it anymore so uhh yea-

Who ships them UwU?? I need their names sheet- let’s name them Peggy and Alexander cuz I love Hamilton too much Lel I’m Wierd-
Your still here? Woah your too kind so you get a gold Star from me! (Totally did not steal that line from Jaiden Animations nope nope nope)
Go Subscribe to HeavenCloudz she deserves more fans! Subscribe to Kiki Loves Todd while your at it, and Boba Child (bunch of Japanese XD)
Just check my featured channels for them! Anyway I swear this is the final goodbye alright good day goodbye

Hi Rihanna if your watching

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