Halloween And Your Pets – Episode 35 – Oct 25, 2018


On this edition of Animal General with Dr. Mike Hutchinson, Dr. Mike talks about handling your pets during the spooky holiday of Halloween! Dr. Mike will give safety tips to be weary of this Halloween during trick-or-treating and around the house rules. Remember, don’t just Live and Let Live, but Live and Help Live.

If you have questions regarding your pet, please submit them to Dr. Mike’s website at drmikehutchinson.com and listen on the next episode to see if Dr. Mike answered your question.

You may visit my website to listen to the full podcast of this episode by clicking on this link: http://drmikehutchinson.com/halloween-and-your-pets.php

Visit my website to listen to all podcasts by clicking the following link: http://drmikehutchinson.com/podcasts.php

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