Haunted Routes Has Just Joined Patreon

Haunted Routes is a National Telly Award winning travel show where we visit America’s most haunted locations, roadside attractions, historic landmarks and paranormal themed businesses and map them out to create the most fulfilling and terrifying road trips of a lifetime! We have traveled all four corners of the country and everywhere in-between from Alaska and Hawaii, to up and down both coasts and across the legendary Route 66 and have stayed in haunted hotels in Salem Massachusetts, Deadwood South Dakota, New Orleans Louisiana, Prospect Harbor Maine, and countless others.

Now on Patreon, we have the chance to offer you so much more! We have created a vast option of Patreon membership tiers to best suit your budget and personal investment including anything from access to our full content, to monthly deliveries of mysterious packages to invitations for you to join us on our haunted destinations and being a part of the show itself!

The Haunted Routes crew is honored and excited to be connecting with you all in such a customized, interactive manner and thank you for your past, current and future support. We cannot wait to take you on the paranormal road trip of a lifetime and encourage you to buckle up, for this trip will be one hell of a bumpy ride!

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