John DeSouza: Real Disclosure Continued

John DeSouza: Real Disclosure Continued

As an FBI Special Agent for over 25 years, John DeSouza became aware of several UFO cases that were attacked as being fake UFO cases. He learned that this was purposeful disinformation, meant to stop people from learning the truth about Alien Visitors. In this presentation, the X-MAN documents the three cases that he has learned: ARE AUTHENTIC EXTRATERRESTRIAL CASES.

These are cases, like the December 6th, Pentagon revelation of the UFO pilot video, that offer incontrovertible proof that these incidents are authentic, extraterrestrial and even EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL in nature. He will also document the global elite’s previous efforts to bury these cases, which were successful–until now.

John DeSouza will reveal three (3) authentic UFO cases ON VIDEO that he personally knows are Non-Terrestrial genuine cases…(The Roswell Crash is NOT one of these)
Roswell New Mexico UFO crash and cover-up was a double trick staged by Extra-Dimensional’s and the Elite Powers in Control…(Smoking Gun Document)
Alien Human Abductions and Animal Mutilations are a Fraud…they ARE really being done by Aliens but they are not for the purposes they pretend to be…
REAL CONTINUING DISCLOSURE won’t come from the Government– it will come from us…
REVELATION is coming soon—directed to us from Alien Visitors on a massive scale—This WILL BE REAL.

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