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The smart home industry continues to grow, with the latest addition being the KitchenAid Smart Oven+ announced today at CES. This smart oven includes powered grill, steamer, and baking stone attachments to expand what you can do with this oven beyond basic cooking. Unlike previous “smart ovens” that were little more than connected toaster ovens, the Smart Oven+ is a full-sized oven that fits into the wall of the home.

The Grill attachment helps to minimize smoke output and reduce flare-ups from food with particularly low smoke points. This results in a better taste, but it also helps prevent your lunch from setting off your fire alarm. The Steamer attachment makes it easy to cook pasta, fish, and vegetables for up to a family of four. The Baking Stone speeds up the baking process, heating up in half the time of a non-integrated stone.

This new smart oven features a 4.5-inch LCD touch display and can also be controlled through the KitchenAid app, so you can check on your culinary creation from anywhere in the house. Voice assistant integration with Alexa and Google Assistant make it easy to control the oven when your hands are busy elsewhere.

The Smart Oven+ is also combined with the Yummly app. For those new to cooking or lacking in culinary technique, the Yummly app can recognize different ingredients and suggest recipes to help reduce household waste. The app will also learn your preferences and make note of previous recipes to help with personalized meal planning. When you have a lot of scattered ingredients but you aren’t sure how to combine them into something tasty, Yummly can help.

Step-by-step instructions make it easy to whip up any recipe like you’re Gordon Ramsey, even if your cooking experience doesn’t extend beyond spicing up instant noodles. Once you are more confident in the kitchen, you can start expanding your culinary adventures and put the included attachments to use.

With the addition of the Smart Oven+ and other devices like the KitchenAid Cook Processor Connect, and apps like Yummly, consumers have more options for upping their kitchen game.

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