LG SL9 Atmos Soundbar – Hands On at CES 2019


LG unveiled three brand-new models ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The company only brought one to the show, the SL9YG, but all of the new bars do have some intriguing features.

All three new models will offer listeners significant upgrades to the built-in audio coming out of their television set, in terms of both audio quality and overall usability. That’s because all three come with Google Assistant built in, which means you’ll be able to adjust volume, play music, and even ask for things like a weather forecast at the touch of a button. It might seem like a small upgrade, but it’s a fairly significant leap in terms of ease of use, and one that will likely appeal to many less tech-savvy customers.

The new soundbars will also feature support for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X object-based surround sound, allowing them to create an immersive 3D soundscape. The bars have upfiring drivers built in, but do not come with discrete surround satellites like Samsung’s HW-N950 or Vizio’s 5.1.4 systems. Users can add additional speakers for true surround for an added cost. This allows buyers to upgrade their system down the line, should they not want to drop all that dough at once. Each of the bars also has DTS Virtual:X for a broader vertical soundstage from the front of the room.

Speaking of the sound, LG is quick to tout its ongoing relationship with high-end audio outfit Meridian Audio, which has been aiding in the tuning of many of the company’s recent devices. Meridian’s “Upmix” technology also allows the soundbars to take stereo audio and transform it into surround sound, and is what provides the devices’ ability to tackle Atmos and DTS:X.

The SL9YG — the only one present at the show — also has its own tricks, including a built-in gyroscope that lets you mount it vertically below a TV on the wall, an intriguing option for those who want the slimmest-possible wall-mounted form factor.

There is no word on pricing or a formal release date for any of the three models, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted. For now, just get ready to see some awesome new soundbars from LG in the near future.

Full Article: https://www.digitaltrends.com/home-theater/lg-soundbar-lineup-2019-news-ces-2019/



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