–I do not claim to own and games or songs played on video all credit goes to creators–


Gingherr –

LegendaryFX –

Legendary FX_2 –

MonoNinja –

KGals1 –

Red WaR1or –

Da Fwowster Gaming –

–Social Media–

Twitter –

Mixer –

Discord –

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Twitch –

Xbox One

iLegendaryFX – Primary

Phoenix Rio – Secondary

PlayStation 4

iLegendaryFX – Only one


If you guys have any game clips (xbox one) and would like them to be featured in the montage series DM them to me over xbox @iLegendaryFX or over twitter @iLegendaryFX and if you would like the credit give me the name of your youtube or gamertag Look forward to seeing your game clips!

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