Megamix Max Testa

30 years ago i never imagined being able to #mix, to listen to others, to people i do not know, through #Radio first (like #CityFM, #RadioCircuito29 and #RadioStudio54), audio tracks made by me.
Today, at the age of 47, all this (and much more) is possible thanks to the #tecnology, a planet in which I went deeper, always keeping my feet on the ground (and one “on earth”), without forgetting its origins.
This instead is a #megamix of my tracks released on previously self-produced albums.
#House, #Progressive, #Techno, #Funky, #Tropical, #Afro, Electronics, #Reggaeton and #HipHop.
A set of my #Remix and #sounds different with the same root black, the one that has always accompanied me, some of these recall Brazil where part of my family and my origins is from 2 generations.
In one of these tracks (“No Time”) there is my voice, first in English then in Italian.

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