Moonspell Hawaii // Art + Flea (Fashion Feature)

I recently got accepted as a media intern for Art + Flea and my first task was to work with my partner, Noel, to create a fashion feature on a local brand called Moonspell Hawaii by designer Jaclyn Mae Santos. Ran into so much problems with my (overworked? D:) laptop which eventually caused it to crash and erase all the files from the first shoot. Here’s some of the stuff I shot the second time. Despite the problems I ran into, it was honestly such a fun experience!
Thank you to Shannel, Shaneika, Brittany, and Kevin for helping out even if it was just for a little bit!

Luke Million – Midnight (GRUM Remix)
Goldroom feat. Chela – Fifteen (Oxford Remix)

Shannel Cabuhat (wearing “Alien to Alien” Summer 2013 collection)

Contact (for inquiries):
Honolulu, HI
Czarina Caberto

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