Pythian Castle Ghost Hunt July 27 2018

Our Friday overnight ghost hunt was a special limited number of guests tour, without the normal breaking down into groups, with hourly floor rotations replaced by open access after the historical walking tour.
I was able to document a good amount of solid activity, most of which was very late into the night, and early morning hours.
I set up my heavy equipment downstairs in the main hallway to research an observation at the castle.
For some reason people feel compelled to whistle while walking the castle, this video documents 3 people doing so, but more people not shown also did the same, in addition to one instance also documented of whistling while no one was even on the floor!
What I am trying to find out now is if everyone who did whistle while walking down the corridor, if they where even aware they did so, I have seen instances where people whistle, or speak, saying things they don’t remember saying, but they did it, but were totally unaware of what they had said.
Other Activity to report, Mr. Boots the tunnel ghost showed up late to the party, sometimes he is there while I am setting up early at 6pm, but his greatest activity was in the early morning hours.
I though it was so awesome when one woman expressed disappointment with Mr. Boots being a no show for her twice, he said, “Hello” to her, then made a loud sound that she could hear right there and then.
The backstage was active, but not as active as on some nights. Many of the other castle locations
had no cameras, making evaluating in those locations in the castle unknown.

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