1. Deep Time
2. Sage
3. Isla’s Song (video)
4. Persistence Of Vision

Sigil In Soil is Soramimi’s fifth EP, a collection of tracks birthed from her live synthesizing and improvised studio jamming. Most of the music was recorded and arranged live in single takes on hardware synths, effects racks, and drum machines in her studio without post-processing, while preparing for live performances. Whereas a performative setting feels more structured, timed, and coordinated for her, the studio affords her true spontaneity and uninhibited creativity.

Influenced heavily by cinematic sound design and sound scoring, she hopes to evoke a powerful, visceral reaction in the listener, as if they were watching – or even living in – a gripping, electrifying film.

“Deep Time” and “Sage” murmur growls of raw intensity. “Isla’s Song” twists and writhes with Soramimi’s own unnerving vocals. “Persistence of Vision” beckons phantom sirens, which heralds mirages more paranoid than prophetic.

Evident authorship and the mark of the artist’s hand is very important to Soramimi, not just in her deeply personal sound design – shown by her characteristic affection for off-the-grid arrangements and organic musical movement – but literally in the signature tactility of Dusk Notes, the imprint she owns and runs with fellow New York producer Cory James.

Dusk Notes, which showcases music of the spectral and the subconscious, features tangible music on vinyl, and Soramimi’s own hand-painted album covers.

Soramimi is a composer and producer based in NYC. A “soramimi” is defined as a mishearing or feigned deafness. She regards her music as narrative imagery, with a celestial sound illustrated by cerebral textures and dreamlike compositions. Soramimi brings a distinct fluency and gravity to the table of ambient and experimental techno.

Her live set performances showcase her original compositions using outboard hardware synths and effects. Soramimi’s live PA intertwines throbbing ambient with immersive techno, teases out cathartic drone and noise, and creates alluring layers of intricate and evolving sonic abstraction.

released March 21, 2018

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