Terrifying Experience In My Haunted House – Real Paranormal Activity Part 48


The terrifying experience of trying to sit with my eyes closed in the middle of the most active room of my haunted house.

Inspired by my brothers recent bravery and the idea that we hear more when we are deprived of our sight I decided to attempt a meditation based experiment in my spare room. With the basic tools; Cameras, EVP recorder and my own sense…this is what I captured.

Real Paranormal Activity Caught on Video

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My Channel
I have been haunted since late 2010. My channel is a dedicated paranormal video diary dedicated to the unusual supernatural events that have occurred to me since that time. Paranormal Activity has become almost an everyday occurrence for me since this began and with it my interest in ghosts, demons and poltergeist activity had grown. I have invested in ghost hunted equipment to help my investigations leading to some extremely profound paranormal footage.