The Most Beautiful Adventure (Full Version)

Dr. Jart+ was introducing a new range of skincare masks, each brightly coloured according to its function. Rather than rely on influencers to establish the product’s credentials, we decided to generate compelling content of our own. We proposed the idea of four alien-like young women(Rubber Mask Lovers) with brightly coloured faces to represent the four products. They would be tasked to cross the nation trying to discover all the beauty in the world through a ‘Beautiful Adventure’.

These Rubber Mask Lovers approached this journey with a sense of awe and wonder and through social media posts created a huge following. The four became ambassadors of skincare, making regular posts about their adventures and engaging with real customers through their social media channels. Their journey was designed to strike a chord with our target audience and start them off on a beautiful adventure of their own. In 3 months, this campaign accumulated over 42 million total impressions on the Chinese internet and 17,000 followers on Instagram.​​​​​​​

Client: Have&Be.Co
Marketing & Creative Director: Ellene Choi
Creative Agency: GPB Shanghai
Creative Chairman: Alvin Lim
Photographers: Noel and Chris PC
Managing Director: Catherine Law
Principal Of Art & Design: Gary Li
Chief Editor: Andrew June
Planning Executive: Miley Yan
Producer: Sammi Yao and Ben Zhang

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