The Naked Truth About Mediumship Part 2 of 3

Paranormal Talks presents a three part, The Naked Truth About Mediumship: Myths and Misconceptions. What is the naked truth about evidential mediumship? What happens to our loved ones after they pass on? Our grief and sadness in missing them causes us so much pain. But here we have mediums, who can bridge the gap between the veils to help us hear from our loved ones by providing us with details about our loved ones life. Mediumship is an age old ability each of us has to a greater and lesser degree, as are many of our other natural intuitions. And so we have the professional Medium; Jude Starks, Spiritualist, Psychic Medium & Trance Medium.

Mediumship is not ‘chaneling’ big spirits or archangels. It is speaking for the dead, for our loved ones who have passed on. The evidential medium can speak for a loved one to let you know details about their life proving that it is our loved one and that a loved one may have messages to share…generally messages of love and guidance, that benefit you.

Here Jude Starks shares evidential mediumship with us…what it is and what it is not and how it can best serve those who wish to contact and ‘chat’ with their loved one who has passed on.

Contact Ms. Starks via her Meetup site or through her email;
Paranormal Talks
Meets: second Sunday each month
Time: 1:30pm to 4:00pm
Location: St. Anthony Hospital
11600 W 2nd Place
Lakewood, Colorado 80228
On corner of 2nd Place & Healing Way
If questions: 720-203-6354

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