This iceless cooler looks like a Mars rover, keeps beer cold for a week


Americans love coolers. They keep our beer cold, our meat fresh, and give us somewhere to plant our butts around the campfire that isn’t a soggy log. No wonder we lined up to throw our money at the electrified Coolest Cooler, only to cringe as it became the poster child for overly ambitious Kickstarter failures.

But fear not, lovers of cold outdoor beer. CES 2019 has brought a new breed of electrified cooler, and this one skips the gimmicky margarita blender. Furrion, the darling of glamping RVers everywhere, has a cooler that promises to eliminate ice runs forever

The Rova, as Furrion calls its contraption, looks like a cooler from the Halo universe as built by NASA. It has perforated Mars rover wheels, edgy angles, and LEDs everywhere. More importantly, it has a brick-sized lithium-ion battery that promises to keep beverages cold for up to 10 days straight.

While electric refrigerators from the likes of Dometic are common in vans and RVs with deep-cycle lead-acid battery banks, venturing away from a vehicle has always involved a trip to the gas station to dig bags of ice out of a padlocked ice locker. Furrion claims the Rova will put an end to that routine by keeping beverages cold for a week straight, or up to 10 days if you bother to load it with ice.



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