Transodin´s Tragedy Part III – The Acceptance of Fatalism © by Visual Artist Detlef Schlich

Longlisted for the 2016 RDS Visual Art Awards: ‘Transodin’s Tragedy’ is a Film installation/artistic performance by Visual Artist Detlef Schlich, exploring the emerging phenomenon of transhumanism in our digital age.

Transodin represents a mythical character and a contemporary manifestation of transhumanism. He embodies the symbiotic relationship between human experience and technology. Boundaries between human beings and technology are lost in the 21. Century.

Transodin’s journey invites you to explore this fatalistic relationship in which humans are losing their spirituality, this journey is a triptych, where Transodin bears witness to the birth of a Transhuman.

Transodin – Detlef Schlich
The first Transhuman – Corina Thornton
Directing Photographer: Mick Eille
Production Assistants: Pim Wijnmaalen. Andrew N., Jens F., Corina Thornton
Security and Technician: Pim Wijnmaalen. Andrew N., Jens F. Photographers: Jakob Takoda Thornton, Oisene Azreal Thornton, Pim Wijnmaalen, Andrew N.
Catering: K. Toffel
Light: Owen K., Mick Eille, D. Aylight
Editing/ Post Production, Sound-Editing: Detlef Schlich
Executive Director: Detlef Schlich
Concept/Executive Producer: Detlef Schlich

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