UFO UPDATE #001 – with Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell

I will be posting dozens of clips over the next month that will be of interest to those of you anticipating my upcoming film on Bob Lazar – Area 51 & UFOs – which is premiering on Dec 3rd, 2018 at The Theater at ACE Hotel in Downtown LA. (So get your tickets while they last and FUCKING BE THERE for a historic event).

Some clips in these releases will be directly from my movie (sneak peeks), others will be like this one, from my presentations that detail misconceptions of the Bob Lazar story. Enjoy the posts and PLEASE SHARE!

This particular clip is about the tired and bullshit fake-news when people say that, “Bob Lazar wasn’t a physicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory in the 1980s”. These idiots are parrots who know nothing about anything related to Lazar, and simply repeat uneducated and bogus claims. They are either brainless or they are washed up “researchers” who’s investigation only went an inch deep in an ocean of critical information. It’s just sad.

Anyway… the significance of this revelation (that Lazar DID in-fact work at Los Alamos as a physicist… verified directly by George Knapp in 1989 and by me just a couple years ago)… this information directly relates to Lazar’s story of UFOs, Area 51 (Site 4), and attempting to reverse engineer an alien propulsion system for the United States military in 1989.

So this clip might inspire you to wise up and learn the truth, rather than falling for the BS propaganda of those without a clue. Be informed – don’t just fall for the repeated and uneducated disinfo of those trying to make a career off being loud and obnoxious. The truth is it there.

And get ready… the world and UFOlogy is about to learn some important info!

FILM RELEASES 12/3/18 GET TICKETS HERE http://www.extraordinarybeliefs.com/bob-lazar-film-premiere

Learn more by going to www.ExtraordinaryBeliefs.com


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