YTP: WarioWare Angela



To the vehicle! 0:00
Fastapic bowl: 2:15
This is Smash League! 3:05
Day on the Town Part 1: 3:29
Birthday Party Says! 3:46
Day on the Town Part 2: 4:02
Search for Nothing: 4:46
Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect: 5:22
Not-so-Cool Cabbies Part 1: 5:42
Game and: Elmo Microgame: 6:05
Not-so-Cool Cabbies Part 2: 6:14
Time to Die: 6:26
I Love Angela! 7:14
Let’s try another one! 7:33
Don’t Summon the Courage Part 1: 7:48
Wishing Shredder: 8:17
Don’t Summon the Courage Part 2: 9:20
No more Paranormal Frequencies: 9:33
Snack Time? 10:06
Game to Die: 10:25
Not a Star Scientist: 10:51
Nap Time: 11:07
This is Touch League/No more you know what: 11:26
False Ninjas: 11:46
Not a Math Quest: 12:10
Wakey Wakey! 13:48
Un-precious Prancers: 13:57
Gigantaburger: 14:40
Ultra? 16:40
Stopping the Dance Floor Dilemma: 17:13
It’s not a Potluck: 17:52
Who isn’t Wario Deluxe? 18:41
Luxeville’s Afullest Hero: 19:15
Let’s not split: 19:35
Not a Hero’s Journey: 20:57



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